When you have welding projects, fab projects, work projects, car projects, home projects, then have to cook dinner, you tend to tackle 1,000 things at once.  
While I try to balance normal responsibilities at home and work, it's always a shuffle of balance to keep my hobbies and side work alive.   In particular, all these project cars. Hence the name, the ADHD shop:
"Always Dreaming, Hardly Driving"
Like most engineers, it's easy to get caught up with the responsibility at hand.  This leaves me sometimes daydreaming about the repairs and restorations.  While I'm in that mindset, I try to reverse engineer the problem so I can land on the ground running with the right tools and parts.  This helps with process efficiency.  If you can bare with my wacky humor, check out my latest shenanigans on YouTube:
Episode 1: FJ40 Brakes

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