As a child, I grew up in a pretty traditional household.  My father was a civil engineer, while my mother is an active real estate agent.  Before the internet generation, I was a kid - getting hurt riding bikes, melting muscle-men action figures with magnifying lenses, making popsicle stick ninja stars, racing hotwheels and micro-machines...whatever I could do before heading home by sunset to do homework. 

During my childhood, I also acquired a passion and interest in cars.  After accompanying my dad to car dealerships, to my older brother who cycled through cars  frequently - I caught the bug early on.  What started toy hotwheels, to radio controlled cars, to what has now become an extensive collection of classic European, Japanese and American made restoration, racing and daily driven vehicles.  As the hobby turned into a passion, had also became a career, which is ending up a big liability!
After resisting being pushed to become a doctor (every Indian parents dream), I instead went to accrue a Bachelor's and Master's in Mechanical Engineering, spending 20+ years in advanced powertrain development engineering focusing on hybrid and electric vehicles. My career has taken me through different markets, including defense, passenger vehicles with experience at Tesla Motors, and commercial medium / heavy duty truck applications as well as exposure to public and private electric utilities. To support the hobby, I have a side business complete with CNC plasma, MIG/TIG welding and manufacturing equipment for prototyping and fabrication.  I originally focused on the fitness industry, creating custom home gyms and structures. What 20 years of engineering has provided me is a strict work ethic and vast experience in different environments with attention to detail.  I also dabbled in volunteer work supporting students interested in engineering, as well as teaching at local community colleges to help carry these skills forward.  

With the experience of various industries, I have gained insight to maintain true focus on customer relations, technical detail / understanding which I now apply to career and my business.  
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